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Bamboo Torch 2ft - Pack of 10

Bamboo Torch 2ft - Pack of 10

Bamboo Torch 2ft - Pack of 10 Image
Price: £ 19.95 Only  Quantity: IN STOCK   BUY NOW
Bamboo Torch 2ft - Pack of 10

Bamboo Torch

Pack of 10

Size: 2Feet(61cms).
  • Stylish, Bamboo Torch
  • Adds a touch of fun to outdoor areas
  • Ideal for deck, patio or camping areas
  • Great for Garden Parties
  • Includes metal can with Flame guard canister
  • 24 Inch (60cms) Tall Bamboo Torch
  • Refillable 250ml Cubic Capacity
  • Flame will last approx 4 -5 hours

Please Note:

  • For adult use only
  • Keep Away from Children, Pets and Flammable Materials
  • Only use Paraffin or lamp oil. Easily available from your local hardware shop.
  • For Outdoor use only

To avoid risk of injury or damage to the torch please:

  • Fix vertically and firmly in the ground by steady pressure or by digging a hole and packing soil/sand around it
  • Unscrew Cap and fill container with paraffin or lamp oil using a funnel
  • Prime wick with fuel and screw cap firmly
  • Light Carefully
  • Do Not touch Burning Wick
  • To avoid puncturing container do not hit or make contact with hard or sharp objects
  • Extinguish flame by blowing, do not touch hot screw cap
  • Empty container when not in use and store safely

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