4 Feet Bamboo Torch With Caramel Basket And Cup

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£4.99 £3.99

Product Info:
4 Feet Bamboo Torch With Caramel Basket And Cup Sold Single Size: 4Feet / 122cm Approx Stylish, Bamboo Torch Flame will last approx 4 -5 hours Please Note: For adult use only Keep Away from Children, Pets and Flammable Materials Only use Paraffin or lamp oil. Easily available from your local hardware shop. For Outdoor use only To avoid risk of injury or damage to the torch please: Fix vertically and firmly in the ground by steady pressure or by digging a hole and packing soil/sand around it Unscrew Cap and fill container with paraffin or lamp oil using a funnel Prime wick with fuel and screw cap firmly Light Carefully Do Not touch Burning Wick To avoid puncturing container do not hit or make contact with hard or sharp objects Extinguish flame by blowing, do not touch hot screw cap Empty container when not in use and store safely