Painted Pumpkin Candy Cup 160g



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Painted Pumpkin Candy Cup 160g

Average Contents :
Blackberry and Raspberry Jelly x 8
Jelly Brain x 4
Dracula’s Teeth Jelly x 4
Psycho Skulls Chocolate x 4
Marshmallow x 8
Scary Snake Jelly x 1

Ingredients :

Blackberry and Raspberry Jelly : Sugar,Gloucose Syrup,Beef Gelatine ,Pork Gelatine, Dextrose ,Acid (Citric Acid) Gelling Agent (Pectins )Natural Flavouring ,Colours (Cochineal,Vegetable Carbon) Thickening Agent (Gum Arabic ),Vegetable Oils (Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil )Glazing Agents (Beeswax ,Carnauba Wax ) Olive Oil,Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates ( Carrot ,Safflower, Lemon , Elderberry).

Jelly Brain : Gloucose Syrup ,Sugar , Beef Gelatine ,Pork Gelatine ,Humectant ( Sorbitols ) ,Acid ( Citric Acid ) , Invert Sugar ,Syrup ,Modified Potato Starch ,Gelling Agent ( Pectins ) , Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates ( Spirulina , Radish ,Blackcurrant , Carrot ),Acidity Regulator ( Sodium Citrates ) ,Natural Flavouring , Vegetable Oils ( Coconut , Palm Kernel ) Glazing Agents ( Carnauba Wax , Beeswax ),l Colour ( Cochineal )

Dracula’s Teeth Jelly : glucose syrup,sugar,beef gelatine,pork gelatine,humectant(sotbitols),modified potato starch,acid(lactic acid),natural flavourings,vegtable oils(coconut,palm kernel),glazing agents(beeswax,carnauba wax),fruit and vegetable concentrates(radish,carrot,blackcurrent),colour(cochineal).

Psycho Skulls Chocolate : Gloucose syrup Sugar Beef Gelatine Pork Gelatine Humectant Modified Potato Starch Citric Acid Natural Flavouring Fruit &Vegetable Concentrates Radish Blackcurrant Carrot Safflower Lemon Vegetables Oils Coconut Oil Palm Kernel Oil Glazing Agents Carnauba Wax Beeswax Colours Cochineal Titanium Dioxide

Marshmallow : glucose-fructose syrup,sugar,water,pork gelatine,maize starch,flavouring,colours(beetroot red,copper chlorophyll complex,curcumin).

Scary Snake Jelly : Glucose Syrup Sugar Beef Gelatine Humectant Modified Potato Starch Citricn Acid Natural Flavouring Fruit & Vegetable Concentrates Saffower Lemon Paprik Radish Blackcurrant Carrot Vegetable Oils Coconut oil palm Kernel oil Glazing Agents Carnauba WaxBeeswax Colours Cochineal Copper Complxes of Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins

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