Personalised Cardboard Cutouts


Description Personalised cardboard cutouts of friends, family… even your pets! We can put any photo onto a cutout so you can embarrass your mates, honour your relatives or put a bizarre twist on your party with monsters, aliens and cartoon characters standing around. Just give us the photo and we’ll make your freestanding cardboard cutout, ready and with you in 7 days or less. The only limit is your photo collection! Populate a garden party with waterproof personalised cardboard cutouts. Slightly more expensive than the standard version, we can make them out of PVC board so they can withstand even the most British of summers. For best results be sure to send us a high quality photo – call us if you’re in doubt. And please be aware that free delivery over £50 does not apply to personalised cardboard cutouts.
Personalised Cutouts
This is a preview of your cutout. Please check the spelling of your text as we will print the message text exactly as is shown above.

Cardboard Cut-out Guidelines & Information:


Personalised Cardboard Cutouts can take upto 7 working days.
Personalised Cardboard Cutouts are non-returnable, it is my responsibility to notify.
Partyrama of any changes within a 24 hour period of placing the order.
Personalised Cardboard Cutouts come with a default shipping charge of £9.99. Free Shipping on orders over £50 is not available with this item.
The item is only available for delivery to Mainland United Kingdom only.



The larger the image size the better, please do not use photos from facebook or other social networking sites whether the images are likely to be thumbnail sized. The ideal device to capture and send an image for personalised goods is a digital camera. If you have any problems uploading your image through the “upload photo” button, please email us the image directly to with your name.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Photo good enough to use?

If you can clearly see the person in the picture then you will also see the same result on your cut-out – this is the basic rule.
If the picture is on your PC then zoom in to the persons's face until it fills your screen (about life size). What you see here is approximately what your cut-out will look like up close.
If you are using a print (old photo): if you can clearly see the person you want cut-out, and all the detail you expect to see, then provided the print is scanned correctly you will also see the same result on your cut-out. Scanning: for normal size prints (6×4 inches) 600 dpi (dots per inch) is usually about right, unless the person is very small in the picture.


I have an incomplete photo – missing arms / legs

Sorry, we will need a full length Photo to create your personalised Cutout


What material do you use to make the cut-outs?

The standard cut-outs available to order on this website are made from a double walled coated smooth white faced cardboard and digitally printed with UV resistant inks. The cardboard is matt white finish; heavy ink coverage can give a slight sheen to the finish. If you require more durability and outdoor weather proof cut-outs then we can make them the same way in PVC board; prices are slightly higher than cardboard and you will need to email or call us for a quote. We can also laminate your cut-out to give added protection to the printed surface and a different finish in gloss or satin.

Can you make cut-outs of animals & cartoon characters?

Yes! your pets, wild animals, monsters aliens, cartoon characters – think of us as a cardboard Noah's Ark!

Can you make cut-outs of Celebrities / famous people?

Yes we can, We can make cutouts of anyone or anything! If you want a cut-out of someone famous and you have their image, then please make sure you have permission to reproduce the image for the purpose you require, celebrities often have image rights and we wouldn't want anyone to get into a nasty legal battle!

What if I do not have permission to reproduce the image?

It is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to reproduce the image you send us and that the image will not cause offense to anyone, please read our Terms of Business.


Remove Background

Select this option if you would like to have the background of your photo removed.

Supporting Strut

Add an Accessory

Add a placard, speech bubble to your personalised cutout. Hover over the image to view a larger example.