Silver Number 2 Non Hand Held Sparkler –18cm

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Number 2 Silver Non Hand Held Sparkler
Sold Single
Sparkler Height: 7 Inches(18cm)
Colour: Silver
Shape: Number 2

NUMBER / DIGIT SPARKLERS are ideal for Birthday and Celebration Cakes, Celebration Drinks, Desserts and a great enhancement to Wedding and Special Occasions.
Personalise your Party with your AGE OR DATE.
Combine with LETTER / ALPHABET SPARKLERS to display both Age and Name.
Burn time is approx 40 seconds.
Wondercandle is a sparkler where you can choose your own wording or numbers.
Ideal for designing you own greeting or message for Birthdays, Valentines or Mothers days with a huge electrical impact.

Use only under adult supervision.
Keep away from Body and clothing.
Spent sparklers remain very hot.
Shades may vary