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Austin Powers Lifesize Cardboard Cutout – 183cm

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£31.99 £29.99

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Austin Powers – Blue Suit – Cardboard Cutout Approx 6ft High The Queens secret weapon he attracts more birds than Trafalgar Square. Yep, its the inimitable Austin Powers in a delightful little number from the first film; International Man of Mystery. He’s cool, hes smooth and all the birds love him. Groovy baby. In actual fact, young Mr Mike Myers (first seen on these shores mugging furiously on Wac-a-day with Timmy Mallet, oh yes) has invented a love it or loathe it series with the Austin Powers films. One things for sure, if you have a soft spot for this grinning Sex God you cant go wrong with this cardboard cut out. A fashion photographer by day, our man Powers is an undercover agent for British Intelligence by night. His greatest enemy is Dr. Evil, the ultimate threat to the human race. In the mid-’60s, evil Dr. Evil decides to have himself cryogenically frozen until the world is ready for his wicked ways. Austin Powers does the same, just in case he’s needed to fight Dr. Evil in the future. Both guys stay frozen for 30 years and wake up ??? youll never guess – in the present. Reminds us a bit of Adam Adamant, but thats because we need to get out more. This full sized photo-quality cardboard cutout arrives in our own specially designed rigid packaging. Easy to assemble, the cutout has a fold-out strut to the rear which means it’s entirely self supporting.
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