Party Hats

Party hats are the essential topper for any fancy dress. Your costume just isn’t convincing without the right head gear. In fact, sometimes they’re all the costume you need. Top off a menacing pirate with a skull and crossbones bandana, play the jester (complete with bells), protect your head with a Roman helmet. Or buy a bunch of different hats for guests to swap round during the night, you’d be amazed how much fun it can be to try on different guises for size. Spend £50 or more and get free delivery.
Show your support with national hats – tartan for Scotland, green for Ireland and the St George’s Cross for England. Or go international with an Aussie cork hat, Mexican sombrero and American stars and stripes. Just the thing to show your colours for international sporting events, national days and national theme parties. Get one for each of your friends so everyone knows which side they’re on!