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Helium Gas Instructions and Care

Safely and easily fill helium balloons with a Disposable Helium Gas cylinder by following the instructions below.

As this product contains Helium Gas and is in a pressurized cylinder, it is classed as a hazardous item.

For best results, fill balloons 1-2 hours prior to event.

To fill balloons:

1. Turn green handle anti-clockwise to open valve.
2. Slip balloon neck onto black nozzle until neck fits tightly.
3. Hold balloon neck firmly between thumb and forefinger at the widest part of the nozzle. Press nozzle down gently to inflate.
4. Fill balloon to desired size. DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR BALLOONS! If supplied, we advise using the balloon size guide to inflate your balloons with the correct amount of helium. Some Canisters provide a 9″ balloon sizer on or inside the box. If you don’t have a sizer, just measure the distance between two chairs and fill the balloon until it touches each side!
Balloons should be inflated to their correct shape, over-inflating will cause the balloon to become misshaped and wastes helium.
5. Release thumb pressure on nozzle to stop inflation.
6. After inflating latex balloons, pinch balloon tightly at base of balloon neck and remove from nozzle. For foil balloons, simply remove from nozzle after inflation, as foil balloons are self-sealing.
7. To assure maximum float time, tie a tight knot in the neck of the latex balloon. Foil balloons do not require a knot.
8. Attach ribbon of desired length below the knot on latex balloons or the lower neck area of foil balloons.

Recycling Canisters

1. Do not dispose of this cylinder with your normal household waste.
2. While outdoors, release any remaining helium to ensure there is no residual pressure in the cylinder.
3. Leave the valve open and pierce the cylinder bursting disc, this is a depressed circle located on cylinder shoulder.
4. The cylinder can be then be safely recycled at your local Recycling Center.

Safety Guidelines

• All our canisters are non-reusable. Do NOT refill with any material. Do NOT use for compressed air.
• Do NOT Inhale Helium
• Do NOT store in direct sun, apply flame or heat.
• Always Store Below 50°C.
• Handle with care, do not drop or subject cylinder to rough handling.
• Keep out of reach of children at all times.
• Full safety guidelines are included with each canister.