Party Piñatas

Get that fiesta feeling with party piñatas! The classic Mexican party game is perfect for kids and adults alike! Get a standard piñata to beat it until it gives you treats or a pull-string piñata for a safer children’s alternative – keep pulling the strings until you find the one that opens the door. Choose from the traditional donkey or a novel theme: bumble bees, princesses, we’ve even got a pull-string Kylo Ren! And get all the piñata fillers and accessories you need right here, with free delivery on orders over £50!
Be careful what you fill your party piñatas with! It’s not just about what fits – it’s about what will survive the attack! Not just any toy is made of stuff this stern. Choose one of our piñata filler packs to be sure your guests won’t be disappointed when they win the game! And for a full guide on how to play, take a read of our party piñata ‘how to’.