Party Sparklers

Sparklers aren’t just for bonfire night! Add some sparkle to any occasion with Partyrama party sparklers! Use number sparklers to embarrass the birthday girl and spell out her age, or letter sparklers to write any message you want – in flickering fire! Sparklers are a great replacement for bog-standard candles. Watch your guests “ooh” and “aah” over a birthday cake and hand out handheld sparklers at the end of the night for a magical end to an evening.
Party sparklers are perfect for adding excitement! Everybody’s favourite childhood memory of the 5th of November has broken out of bonfire night and into every party. There’s nothing like some glittering light to add that extra something to an event. Use heart shaped sparklers for romantic decoration or spell out names and ages. And if you need a quick fix, simply select next day delivery at the checkout. Eligible on orders made before 4pm.