Party Inflatables

Get party inflatables to suit any theme! Inflatables are a super fun way to puff up any party. Whether you’re a pirate in need of a parrot companion, a terrifying Halloween lunatic who needs a (harmless) bloody sickle or just a laid-back guy in need of somewhere to keep their drink cool. Great fun on their own or buy in bulk to decorate larger events – keep kangaroos around for Australia day or drop a few inflatable skeletons for a frightful Halloween. Order over £50 and get delivery free! All our party inflatables come flat – it cuts down on packaging – so either practise your best deep breathing or get one of our handy pumps to blow up in seconds. Inflatables make for great decorations, but they’re also brilliant as toys – get a pack of 30 pirate swords and turn the night into a squashy swashbuckling adventure!