Letter P Non Hand Held Letter Sparklers – 7 Inches / 18cm



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Alphabet-P Non Hand Held Letter Sparklers Sold Single Packaging Size: 19cm x 6cm Sparkler height: 18cm Packed Singly. LETTER / ALPHABET SPARKLERS are ideal for Birthday and Celebration Cakes, Celebration Drinks and a great enhancement to Wedding and Special Occasions. Personalise your Party with your NAME or INITIALS. Combine with NUMBER SPARKLERS to display both Age and Name. Burn time is approx 40 seconds. Wondercandle is a sparkler where you can choose your own wording or numbers. Ideal for designing you own greeting or message for Birthdays, Valentines or Mothers days with a huge electrical impact. Great as Alphabet Sparklers, Birthday Sparklers, Age Sparkler and Cake Sparklers Use only under adult supervision. Keep away from Body and clothing. Spent sparklers remain very hot.