Paper Banquet Rolls

Get your paper banquet rolls from Partyrama! We’ve got a massive range of colours: from simple black and white to ivory, royal blue and metallic shades of silver and gold. We’ve got paper banquet rolls in lengths of 8 metres, 25 metres and even 100 metres. We’ve got all the tablecover clips you need to keep your table looking trim. And if you spend over £50 at Partyrama, you’ll get your banquet rolls delivered for free!
Add a splash of colour to your buffet table. Choose a shade that matches your theme, or just keep it simple to keep the table clean: paper banquet rolls and just be whipped off when the party is done. Buy the length of roll to match your table, or if you’re the popular kind that throws a lot of parties – get a 100m roll and save the rest for another time!