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Party napkins for any occasion! Not just a practical object, napkins may be essential for mopping mouths but they can also be part of the theme! Put slices of cake in a London themed 3 ply – w... ith Buckingham Palace guards, red telephone boxes and Big Ben itself. Delight the kids with Paw Patrol napkins or personalise the paper with your own images and text. Or just keep it simple with plain colour 2 ply in everything from white to hot pink. Order before 4pm and get next day delivery! Often overlooked, party napkins are more important than you think! They help your guests tidy up after themselves, and can be a talking point in themselves. Even if you don’t get any other decorations – the summer sun is often enough – a well-chosen napkin can be all you need to lift a barbecue from an also-ran to the event of the season.  Show more