Disposable Helium Gas Cylinder with 100 Forest Green Balloons and Curling Ribbon



Product Info:
Disposable Helium Gas Cylinder with 100 Forest Green Latex 9 Inch balloons and green Curling Ribbon included Capacity: Each Cylinder 0.41 Cubic mtrs (Total 0.82 cubic metre) This pack does not contain any heli-valves Please note we can ship helium cylinders to Northern Ireland, only on a 2 working day shipping option. Please CLICK HERE to view our BALLOON INFLATION CHART. Please make a sizer with 2 armchairs placed 9 Inches apart and place the helium gas tank underneath. As the inflated balloons touch the side of the armchairs please remove and tie the balloon to the curling ribbon For best results, fill the Balloons 1-2 hours before your event.Average float time will vary depending upon the size and type of balloons. Please Note: Curling Ribbon Colour may not match the Colour shade of the Balloons provided.