Pirate Friends Stand In Cardboard Cutout – 122cm

Pirate Friends Stand In Cardboard Cutout 122cm Product Image1st Cutout Instructions Gallery View Image2nd Cardboard Cutout Place On A Flat Surface And Unfold Gallery View Image3rd Cardboard Cutout Unfold The Strut On The Reverse Gallery View Image4th Cardboard Cutout Fold Easel Along Its Length Whilst Holding Down The D Stapes Gallery View5th Flip Thedshapes Upwards Locking Easel Into Place Gallery View Image6th Cardboard Cutout Flip The Top Flap Over The Easel Gallery View Image7th Cardboard Cutout Cutout Is Ready To Stand Up Gallery View Image


Product Info:
Pirate Friends 122cm Stand In Cardboard Cutout
Approximately 4 Feet (122 cm)Tall
Material: Photo-quality cardboard cutout
Pirate Friends Stand-In has fold-out strut to the rear, which means its entirely self supporting.
This photo-quality Pirate Friends Stand-In cardboard cutout full sized arrives in our own specially designed rigid packaging.
Easy to assemble
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