Stand-In Cardboard Cutouts

The perfect party centrepiece – stand-in cardboard cutouts are hours of fun just waiting to happen! Hilarious photos and memorable moments as your guests turn in to celebrities, royalty, pirates and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Get a cardboard cutout to polish off a theme, or just because they’ll make a hundred great profile pics! With delivery free on orders over £50, you might as well get two to take the pictures in tandem!
Pirates, cowboys, stars of sports and villains from Dr Who – our stand-in cardboard cutouts have covered every base. Put the perfect couple you know in the shoes of Will and Kate (but her as Will and him as Kate?!) or the prettiest girl you know in place of Shrek. You’ll be flicking through the photos for days! Most of our cutouts are approximately 6ft tall, and we cannot accept returns on cutouts.