Pirate Theme Party Supplies

Raise the Jolly Roger and buckle that swash! Pirate theme party supplies turn your weekday soirée into a booty chest of Long John fun. Fly the flag and hang the skull and crossbones bunting. Don your hook hand and strap on your eyepatch, pack your pistol and unsheathe your cutlass. Then have at the buffet! Decorated with treasure maps and pirate plates. Set the scene to a pirate island backdrop and show those land lubbers what it means to party! Spend over £50 and get free delivery – that’s what we call good plunder! Get all your fancy dress from Partyrama – our pirate theme party supplies include everything from hanging decorations to complete party costumes. Dress as a sassy pirate wench or try your best Captain Jack Sparrow with pirate dreadlocks and a Johnny Depp facemask. We’ve even got costumes for pint-sized pirates!