Printed and Foil Door Curtains

Printed foil and door curtains can establish your theme from the very first step. Give every guest a Hollywood entrance, crossing the threshold beneath a cascade of shining stars. Send a shiver up partygoers spines as they step through a curtain of Christmas snowflakes (or send a spooky shiver with Halloween spiders!) Or simply separate rooms with shimmer curtains, to sashay through every party zone. Buy bulk packs of door curtains to adorn every door in the house!
Don’t leave the door out of your decorating! Printed foil and door curtains make coming and going part of the party, and give you a chance to designate each room as a different area. Mix and match with other Partyrama party decorations to set your living room as a Wild West Saloon, your dining room as a Pirate Beach and your bathroom as Under The Sea. And when you spend £50 or more we’ll throw in delivery for free!